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Xebec Enterprises Inc. offers security services with more than twenty years of adjudicative experience which provides the opportunity to expand and promote corporate managerial leadership.

With extensive knowledge of security concepts, principles, practices of federal laws and regulations applicable to the national security arena; this enables a greater opportunity for corporate competiveness.

We pride ourselves on our ability to maintain a continuous awareness and understanding of fluctuating changes, policies, and trends in the arena of suitability and personnel security.

Our security team consists of highly trained and experienced professionals with skills in developing guidance for applying security and suitability policies, procedures, techniques, and methods to a variety of work situations with the ability to determine whether job applicants should continue with the hiring process. Each security team member possesses the ability to resolve difficult cases where conflicting testimony or sources of information exists. Each security team member is trained to review and evaluate reports of investigation and collateral information to determine if persons considered for employment in sensitive positions meet security standards.

The ultimate goal for each security team member is to determine whether or not the granting, denial, revocation, or suspension of a security clearance is in the best interest of National Security Information (NSI).

    Xebec Enterprises, Inc.’s investigative and adjudicative experience includes:

  • Knowledge of Executive Orders 10450, 12958, and 12968, 5 CFR 731 and 732, Intelligence Community Directives (ICD) 704, NISPOM, Adjudication Guidelines, Suitability Guidelines and Reciprocity for Security Clearances under Executive Order 13381
  • Knowledge of Joint Personnel Adjudication Systems (JPAS), Clearance Verification System (CVS), Personnel Investigations Processing System (PIPS), and Electronic Questionnaire for Investigations Processing (e-QIP)
  • Knowledge of a wide range of principles, concepts, methodologies and practices regarding suitability and security administration programs
  • Knowledge of other security specialties to adjudicate complex issues and resolve major suitability-related conflicts, policies and program objectives
Investigative Services